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Get the most from you t6 wristwatch computer with the suunto foot pod, which runs on a single aaa battery included. User guide for suunto smartwatch and wearable, free. To be able to listen to a specific radio station, you have to tune the radio to the correct frequency. For more information, see user guide for the foot pod you are using. One tells you how to use it quick start guide, one tells you how not to use it legal. Whats in the box foot pod transmitter, one aaa battery, users manual. Milestonepod new firmware release enables the pod to.

Weighing only 9 grams, suunto foot pod mini boasts 400hour battery life. The device has two pieces, the main accelerometer piece, and. But, the battery life on this model is a skimpy two weeks without gps and 8 hours. If you pair your suunto m5 with a suunto speed pod, for example gps. However, to make this gps able, one would have to get the suunto gps track pod. The foot pod itself is a very small and lightweight device that you simply snap onto your shoe. It is a lightweight, wireless speed and distance sensor suitable for activities where footsteps are taken in an even stride, such as running, jogging or walking. Accessories include a heart rate strap, foot pod, power pod and bike pod. Suunto gps pod user manual details for fcc id ryp511 made by. Suunto foot pod mini suunto whats a good one to go for.

Package comes with movestick mini, dual comfort belt, foot pod mini, and quick guide. In the calibrate menu, you can calibrate your suunto foot pod or suunto bike pod. Introduction suunto foot pod is an accessory for your suunto t3, suunto t4 or suunto t6 heart rate monitor. Suunto foot pod jacket ss011997000 currently unavailable. It also pairs with the suunto t4, t6, or m5 models. The suunto traverse is a gpsenabled altimeter watch that provides great climb and descent metrics. It is resistant from water and can work well for providing exact details. The setting wouldnt save properly and kept changing to either 1. This process can be compared to the tuning of a radio. The sunnto foot pad mini is an excellent companion for tracking and improving fitness or tracking distance and pace when walking. As of december 19th, 2019, suunto has migrated from movescount to the suunto app. Manual calibration is recommended if you know your calibration factor. Suunto tseries strap screwdriver kit currently unavailable.

Get the most out of your suunto product by checking the product manual, watching the howto videos, and reading the questions and answers. Move away 20 m from other sensors while the forerunner is trying to pair with your foot pod for the first time. It features an altimeter and barometric profile in addition to several fitness training features. After the install, moveslink is running on your computer. Follow the specific pairing instructions in your forerunner owners manual. Customer support support and service for suunto products.

At first i was pleased with the foot pod, it is very light and easy to run with. It is started automatically every time you start your computer. To be able to listen to a specific radio station, you have to. Suunto mobile app substitutes suunto movescount service over time, ensure you stay connected and download suunto app now compatible with suunto 9, suunto 3 fitness, suunto spartan, suunto ambit3 and suunto traverse watches. Premium multisport gps watches in 3 sizes offer heart rate, pulse ox, routable maps, pace guidance, music and more. Page setting value description foot kmh, km, foot pod units. You can use the foot pod to record pace and distance instead of using gps when you are training indoors or when your gps signal is weak. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the foot pod powers off to conserve the battery. It allows you to monitor and record your realtime speed, distance, and pace data. In addition to calculating average speed and distance, the pod also measures lap times and includes a speed limit alarm to keep runners from overtraining. It measures speed and distance by tracking and recreating the motion of the foot in the air.

Pair up with your suunto t3, t4, t6, quest or m5 and get essential realtime pacedata. Learn more about syncing activities to strava from the suunto app here. The stryd running power meter footpod is a great addition to your running arsenal and the vast. Updated for the 2019 replacement windenabled model. The foot pod is on standby and ready to send data like the heart rate monitor. Find the latest software updates and instructions on how to update your suunto. Bring your foot pod within range 3 m of the forerunner. The latest version of this documentation can always be downloaded in. A short behind the scenes visit to suunto and omegawave. Ideale per tapis roulant calculates your distance based on time and heartrate with the estimate that you treadmill 9,3kmh with an average heartrate of 8bpm. What if you could see accurate, footbased cadence continue reading new. After you pair the first time, your forerunner automatically recognizes your foot pod each time it is activated.

However, it doesnt truly stand out for any particular reason. Pairing your foot pod before you can use your suunto foot pod, you have to pair it with your suunto heart rate monitor. Suunto cadence pod bike computer currently unavailable. Either suunto forgot about it or it was some harder to program issue due to new bluetooth only. However, when running on a track, i tried to calibrate the unit to a precise 1.

Clip this lightweight, durable little pod to your shoelace to accurately assess your running performance. The next time you use the foot pod, the calibration is ready. Well i have done some research and the new ambit 3 does not cater for cadence pods unless they are bike, foot, hr or power ones. Browse user guides by product search results for undefined. Water resitant up to 10m and 400hrs battery life make it.

Support in english available 247 and selected languages. The suunto foot pod mini is a teensy, weensy little guy that clips on the laces of a running shoe. The difference between suunto cadence and bike pods paul. Suunto x3hr watch replacement strap kit currently unavailable. It features disturbance free anttransmission technology and long battery life of up to 400 hours. Recording an exercise in addition to 247 activity monitoring, you can use your watch to record your training sessions or other activities to get detailed feedback. In both cases i think that is a slight misstep, something which stryd have avoided by putting a dual channel transmitter in their device. Calibrating optional calibrating your foot pod is optional and can. That seems like a bit of a faff at first, then when you remember that garmin running dynamics devices have been around since 2016, in the form of various running dynamics heart rate. It is a lightweight, wireless speed and distance sen. For pairing details, see wrist units online user guide. You need to download and install suuntolink on your pc or mac to get software updates for your watch.

Suunto is committed to achieving level aa conformance for this website in conformance with the web content accessibility guidelines wcag 2. It used to be that even just a couple years ago these things were the size of twinkies, but now, being the size of a quarter you could just about make a phone call in a payphone with it. The suunto ambit3 peak already offers a lot of potential with the data that is captured within the watch itself, but there are also accessories available to make it an even better offering. Pair suunto quest with optional suunto pods suunto foot pod mini, gps. You can automatically upload your activities to strava from movescount or the suunto app for. Windows xp, vista, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10. It transmits accurate and highly responsive speedpace and distance measurements to your wrist unit. You can use it for transfer and exchange of data easily. Calibrating your foot pod manually before you can calibrate your device, you must pair your device with the foot pod sensor pairing ant. Suunto foot pod mini user guide pdf contact support. This is a long power cable which can be used for charging your main device.

Suunto, wristop computer, suunto foot pod, replacing luck and their logos. With find back, suunto spartan ultra can guide you directly back to your starting. Suunto foot pod is an accessory for your suunto t3, suunto t4 or suunto t6 heart rate monitor. Learn how to calibrate the distance measurement of foot pod in the t6d heart rate monitor. Tapisroulant, allenamento calcola una distanza media in base al tempo e alla frquenza cardiaca media. It measures the speed and distance of a run and transmits the data to a suunto watch like my t3d. The garmin running dynamics pod isnt plug and play, you need to download another data field hence the need for garmin connect iq v2 software on the device. The latest version of this user manual can be downloaded at. Works with many suunto heart rate monitors to let you measure an. If you do not reset the stopwatch after completing the distance, you can correct the distance shown, for example 9. An alternative way of calibrating your pod is to run or cycle a known distance, say 10 km, using the pod.

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