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The individual continuity report can also be accessed on bol by all navy personnel in pay grades e5 and above. Exceptional, dedicated, and tireless sailor with a positive attitude and willingness to accept any assignment. Below are evaluation bullets for service members who are still progressing. Next few slides look at the cpo board process and hints on writing evals for the board just like a statutory promotion boards the cpo board has a precept that directs the board by defining the selection standard. Petty officer x is a dedicated maintenance professional whose leadership and technical skills are superb. How to write navy evals and awards adams, stregles on amazon. He is a very knowledgeable damage control team member who is always first to point out a better way of handling situations. If you want to buy an eval or fitrep writing guide, now is the time to do it, the navy writer just published a 265 page book on how to write evals and awards. For those interested in submitting statements for their evals. The guide for writing and improving your navy eval.

Evals on personnel e6 and below should contain the signatures of a rater and senior rater. To login for the first time, use your ssn as your login id and your birth date in yyyymmdd format as your password. It is designed to cover the period from your last evaluation until your separation date. Submitted on the completion of po suchandsuchs service.

To help build this site just leave a comment below with your bullets minus the names and commands and we will add your contributions to our eval bullet library. State why you deserve an mp or ep in onetwo sentences. Early promote opening statements navy eval, award, and. Navy eval and fitrep writing guide 4th edition 2007 enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. This is not to excuse the actions of hm3s leadership but unfortunately this is the shitty reality about evals navy wide. New navy reading list the 2020 navy reading list is now published. Ive heard of other e5 sailors being asked to do the same. How to write navy evals and awards kindle edition by adams, mitchell, stregles, loren. The rater for personnel e1e4 can be an e6 or civilian equivalent. While your chain of command may not yet be asking for your eval or.

Evaluation submitted upon members advancement to first class petty officer. Competence fitrepeval bullets online navy fitrep and. The recognized standard for navy writing aids, this book summarizes over 40 ye. No need to reinvent the wheel, use a template or what someone else has created to help inspire you. Whats particularly funnycool about this to me is that eval probably had to get routed through the divo, dh, xo, and co being a po1 eval, so two of those four signed off saying he was a better officer than they. They have positive command and navy wide mission impact. Command philosophy complaint cpo board debrief e4 evaluation e5 evaluation eval fitrep rankings eval appeal eval policy eval statement final eval final fitrep fitrep appeal fitrep debrief fitrep policy fitrep statement forced distribution gender specific pronouns msm nam. They define our past and guide the navy s future to enhance pride in service to our country. Evaluation submitted upon members selection for advancement to chief petty. Opening statements navy eval, award, and other navy. How to write navy evals and awards kindle edition by.

Navy eval and fitrep writing guide 4th edition 2007. I intend to submit a statement do not intend to submit a statement navpers. Navy eval plugs navy tribe navy tribe supported by. Since im retired now, i operate at a slower speed, and because im in and out, it might take me a day or two to get back to you. Ens smith did a good job taking pictures for the ships cruse book. Uses chief s mess as an open forum to discuss, plan, and act on command issues. Eval program is the responsibility of the chief of naval.

This ensures that navy s senior enlisted and junior officer supervisors are properly included in the enlisted eval process. This mock trial lecture series sponsored by the arkansas chapter of the. Navy brag sheet examples as with everything else on, this list is user generated. What is the benefit of writing your own navy eval once you make e5. These bullets are generated from site users contributions. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts on the new navy eval fitrep system by email. I have the navy eval writing book on the way, but it is going to take a bit to. One of the seals evals opening statement was battle hardened. The raters recommendation for promotion and followon assignments.

Always willing to take on more challenging tasks with greater responsibility. Demonstrates a thirst for knowledge and a desire for more challenging tasks. In hm3s case, the eval will reflect hm3 in block 2 and the status would be frocked block 8 according to 1610. They demonstrate adherence to navy and dod ethical standards, physical. He is a very knowledgeable damage control team member who is always first to point out a. Must promote closing statements navy eval, award, and. Should i still recommend an advancement even though the sailor is getting out of the navy. Early promote closings navy eval, award, and other navy. Must promote closing statements petty officer x is a dynamic and enormously talented addition to the xxx team and highly recommended for advancement and retention. Expertly directed seven technicians in the launch maintenance control, resulting in a 20% increase in ontime take offs, a 92% sortie completion rate and enhanced day shift productivity. Endorsements shall include a copy of the members orders, verification that the officer occupies, or is in route to, a qualifying billet and justification that meets the maximum effectiveness standard identified in secnavinst 1420.

Dont waste space summarizing your previous statements. This is a presentation on opening statements and closing arguments. The closing statement should cover what kind of impact youve had and how much youll be missed or something to that effect. Above average technical knowledge and a diverse rating background marks him as a cornerstone in the workcenter. They encourage open and frank communications that increases unit efficiency, mission readiness, and mutual respect. All of the bullets below were actual, command approved bullets. Frocking requests must be endorsed by the supported echelon iv or above command. If you are a us navy servicemember, you already have an account. The navy eval bullets link will take you to some actual examples. Please be aware that 2020 is a leap year, therefore the end date for. Navy wide eval fitrep reject rate trending higher please view details in rejected reports trends. Writing your cccnc1 eval nccsexwswaw wallace, thomas. Petty officer smith takes immense pride in wearing the navy uniform.

Naval operations and commandant of the marine corps. Your eval needs a strong opening and closing that tells the board you need to be selected, keep in mind the board views this eval as a letter from the co to them as to why they should select you. When you make board and then prepare a package to send, include the items you have accomplished between 16 november and the may package deadline. Sometimes the only way to convey this is with designation letter or the like from your command, navy school completion letters etc. Be the first to know the changes that will effect you and your ranking. Played leading and aggressive role in manning and maintaining 10 command safety programs to fts and selres personnel keeping an outstanding track record of 97% on esams. How to write navy evals and awards by mitchell adams. The cookie cutter has my strongest works but you never know what the boundaries are unless you shoot for the stars.

The opening closing lines are they different from the normal periodic. Duties closing bullets my recommendations of what should not be written. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no kindle device required. Yn2 stephens remarkable performance and support over the last several months. Okay, so first id like to start off by saying my lpo is in no way a bad person, nor does he have mal intentions, but i think his eval writing skills are not in favor of his sailors. These must be strong, should rank the sailors performance, and describe character. Promote to cpo and continue to detail to the navys most critical pa billets. Id be glad to look over your work, offer suggestions, and correct it if necessary.

Navy writer navy eval, award, and other writing examples. What is the benefit of writing your own navy eval once you. Click on the navy eval guidance link for general information and tips. I am researching and collecting information on how to write the best evaluation possible. Navy personnel command npc is reporting a jump in rejected evaluations and fitness reports since the aug. Periodic report ending dates e6 e5 e4 e1e3 15 november 15 march 15 june 15 july 3. Handpicked to lead the phase inspection workcenter. Navy eval and fitrep writing guide 4th edition 2007 douglas l. Now, with everything typed up in a word document, run spell check. Remote work advice from the largest allremote company. Besides stepbystep instructions, it contains uptodate examples of successful opening and closing statements and hundreds of examples of statements for common eval categories such as equal opportunity, leadership, teamwork, stratification, military bearing and character, and more.

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