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Jun 30, 2019 the coupling parts on the input and output side are not mechanically connected and thus not subject to wear. Original flender elastomers ensure the optimal operation of your system. As is known, conventional mill drives come up against limiting factors here. Flender b3 e series industrial equipment pdf manual download. Tengkai is dealing with the flender mechanical couplings covering a torque range between 10nm f,ender 10, nm. The torque is transmitted by the fluid movement in the coupling, accelerated by the radial blades. They are used preferably in periodically stimulated systems. If the flexible elements are irreparably damaged, the hub parts come into contact with metal. We supply highquality flender couplings for almost all industrial branches. Neupex ds couplings are maintenancefree, even in poten. View and download siemens flender b3 e series assembly and operating instructions manual online. Oct 27, 2019 flender arpex coupling pdf posted on october 27, 2019 by admin currax provides flender arpex allsteel couplings of different series.

Some flender coupling series are maintenancefree, others require main tenance at long intervals only. Connections at the highest level torsionally rigid flender couplings for wind turbines. The wear indicator must be attached to the outside diameter of the coupling after the coupling has been fitted. Siemens flender neupex d manuals manuals and user guides for siemens flender neupex d. All flender couplings with a finished bore and parallel keyway are designed. Flender offers you a wide range of high quality industrial couplings for nearly. Therefore, siemens needs not issue a declaration of incorporation. Flender standard couplings introduction siemens md 10. Apr 20, 2018 flender couplings the right coupling for every application high quality based on engineering and experience. This manual comprises notes which must be observed for your personal safety and. As one of the most important manufacturers of mechanical couplings siemens offers the most varied types and numerous sizes and assemblies of the highly standardised flender couplings. Flender couplings standard couplings catalog md 10. After new elastomer flexibles are fitted, the neupex ds coupling is once more operable. As system operator, you face the major challenge to ensure continuously reliable and trouble free operation as power increases.

The fludex coupling is a fluid coupling on which the. The metal parts then rotate without touching one another. As well as the transmission of rota ry motion and torque, other requirements may be made of the coupling. Narpex allsteel coupling couplings products flender. Connections at the highest level torsionally rigid flender couplings for wind turbines coupling solutions for wind turbines are designed according to customer needs. Our modular construction system comprises all parts of the gear unit periphery from motor bell housings and torque reaction arms over swingbases. The new drive concept flender empp for some time now, increasingly large production plants are being used in the vertical mill sector.

T h e c o u p l i n g r a n g e bipex neupex standard neupex ds k 420 rupex rwn rws k 429 elpex b k 4251 elpex s k 4252 elpex standard md 10. Siemens couplings in the flender couplings product range must be treated as components in the sense of the ec machinery directive 200642ec. Application the neupex coupling is available as a catalog standard in 23 sizes with a rated torque of between 19nm and 62000nm. Flender couplings for almost all industrial branches.

Investment costs, lifecycle costs, powertoweight ratio, fitness for use and the cost of purchasing couplings are key considerations for equipment manufacturers. The worldwide largest portfolio of industry couplings offers flexible, highly flexible, torsionally rigid, hydrodynamic as well as backlash free solutions and railway couplings. In the case of a rupex rwn coupling with an outer diam eter of mm. Information on safe fitting, safe startup and safe operation can be found in this instruction manual. Taking the latest innovations of our gearbox service experts, our goal is to get, often mission critical, gearboxes back into production at the shortest timespan possible. Based on an experience of more than 12 000 thousands gear units, flender graffenstaden manufactures high efficiency gear units used in all processes in power plants, refineries, offshore and onshore oil and gas installations, petrochemical and industrial process plants around the world. Flender standard couplings flexible couplings neupex and neupex ds series general information 74 siemens md 10. As well as the transmission of rotary motion and torque, other requirements may be made of the coupling.

Neupex ds couplings are maintenance free, even in poten. Aug 08, 2019 flender rupex pdf flender standard couplings. Arpex couplings have proved themselves for over 30 years in all areas of technology where reliable, maintenance free torque transmission is required. Consult flender gmbh a siemens companys entire flender standard couplings catalogue. Dimension sheets for and information on these are available on request.

The grabcad library offers millions of free cad designs, cad files, and 3d models. It is the universal coupling for application of machinery and related industries. Flexible pin and bush coupling, standard series available in 23 sizes. Highly elastic flender couplings are wellsuited to connect asymmetrically operating machines. Flender couplings narpex 8714en operating instructions arn6, arn8, arn10 edition 062019 introduction 1 safety instructions 2 description 3 application planning 4 assembly 5 commissioning 6 operation 7 maintenance 8 service and support 9 disposal 10 spare parts 11 technical data a quality documents b. Flender gearbox repair gbs gearbox services international is the fastest, full service, worldwide specialist in gearbox repair of flender gearboxes. Torque is transmitted by the fluid flendder in the coupling accelerated by the radial blades. Our couplings serve as a modular interface between motor and work machine to ensure reliable and backlash free power transmission in servo and. Flender standard couplings coupling preselection and options bore specifications h7 is selected for all imperial bore diameters where no bore tolerance is specified. The fludex coupling is a fluid coupling on which the coupling parts on the input and output side are not mechanically connected and thus resistant to wear. Coupling parts 3 and 4 can be combined as required. The coupling parts on the input and output side are not mechanically connected and are therefore wear free. Join the grabcad community today to gain access and download.

We have 1 siemens flender neupex d manual available for free pdf download. Sipex and bipexs series technical information, article number code, bore specifiations 3 torsionally rigid couplings sipex series general, technical information 7 type snn 11 type sgs 12 type sgg type sgga 15 type shh 16 type skk 18 type sii 19 type shhw 20 flexible couplings bipexs series general, technical information 21 type. They either originate from a wide standard coupling range or are applicationspecific solutions. Flender couplings with great experience in numerous industries and international performance siemens is the right partner for you for all questions concerning power transmission technology. They either originate from a wide standard coupling range or. Flender standard couplings flexible couplings rupex series general information siemens md 10. Arpex allsteel couplings arpex allsteel couplings are free of b. The coupling connects the highspeed gear unit shaft with the generator shaft. Rupex pin and bush coupling types further applicationrelated coupling types are available. Our film illustrates the fottinger principle as well as the operating principle of the fludex coupling.

Flender standard couplings flender gmbh a siemens company. Sep 03, 2019 flender couplings one of the most important flender spare parts tengkai is dealing with the flender mechanical couplings covering a torque range between 10nm to 10, nm. Flender standard couplings eriks 2015 by eriks nederland. Flender empp flender gmbh a siemens company pdf catalogs. With the introduction of the new narpex allsteel multidisk coupling flender is continuing the success story of the proven arpex series of couplings. Sipex couplings are torsionally rigid and backlashfree. Maintenancesome flender coupling series aremaintenancefree, others require maintenanceat long intervals only. Gear coupling selection procedure table 1 torque and horsepower ratings. The industrial freewheel, as a selfswitching machine element, is superior to conventional solutions, particularly due to its high degree of reliability and shift precision. The flexible elements of the neupex coupling are subject to compression.

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